Bnegão e os Seletores de Frequência – O Processo


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Since releasing his first and only solo album way back in 2002, the classic “Enxugando Gelo”, Bnegão’s carrier has become an very odd case in the Brazilian independent music scene:

His shows only get big and better, his popularity grows by the day and he’s on the road more than ever, event hough he is still supporting a record that is almost 10 years old!

While we wait for the new record, which we can assure you is on the way some time soon, we decided to put out two anthems of the 2000’s generation, that just had to be released on vinyl: the powerfunk “Funk (Até o Caroço)” on the A side, with “O Processo” on the flip, also known as “The Science of Persistency vs the Lazyness and Disbelief”.

As you know, “O processo é lento” (meaning “its a slow process”…), but its worth the wait: BNegão e os Seletores de Frequência on vinyl for the first time!

Limited Edition 350 copies Worldwide

Released: 5 Sep, 2011 / SKU: V1245

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