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180g Black Vinyl LP Pressed in London/UK (The Carvery) – (Green Vinyl Limited to 100 copies Sold out)

Welcome to “The Rolê of Monkey Man”, the new album from Monkey Jhayam!

Singer and songwriter since 2008 and one of the most prominent Toaster/MC of the sound system culture in Brazil, Monkey Jhayam represents the voice that comes from the streets of the east side of São Paulo, Brazil. His message, conscious lyrics and militancy coupled with several special guest appearances and musical production by the great English producer Prince Fatty, all come together to form an instant classic album released by the legendary American label Delicious Vinyl and his Jamaican arm Delicious Vinyl Island, with support from Deska Sound System and Vinyl Land Records from Brazil.

The album features 12 songs with great musicians such as Dub Judah (Twinkle Brothers), Black Steel and Mafia, Lenny Edwards and Kashta Tafari, with guest appearances by world-renowned singers such as Fatlip (Pharcyde), Nina Miranda (Smoke City), Horseman, Tippa Irie, Earl 16, Shniece Mcmenamin and Omar Lye-Fook.

Maintaining the tradition and the unique sound of Jamaican musical production with a Brazilian twist, the album takes us on a trip back to the Caribbean island that has taken the whole planet by storm with its unique way of expressing its affections and feelings through music, Reggae music!


01 – Rolê (Feat Horseman & Earl 16)
02 – Mãe da Lua / Everybody Love the Sunshine) (Feat Omar & Fatlip The Pharcyde)
03 – Assento Reservado
04 – Diga-me (Feat Horseman)
05 – Policiais no Helicóptero (Feat Earl 16)
06 – Eles Não Sabem (Feat Tippa Irie e Earl 16)
07 – Manhã de Domingo / Underwater Love (Feat Nina Miranda)
08 – Se Não Agora Quando?
09 – De Que Adianta (Feat Horseman)
10 – Vem Comigo / 90% Of Me is You (Feat Shniece McMenamin)
11 – Fortalecendo a Cultura
12 – Soul Powah (Feat Shniece McMenamin)

Executive producers: Tropical Dope (UK), Delicious Vinyl (EUA) e Deska Sound System (Brazil)

Label: Delicious Vinyl Island / Delicious Vinyl (EUA) / Vinyl Land Records (Brazil)

Art Cover: Tinho

Diagramming: Yuga


Drums: Horseman
Percussion: Horseman, Lenny Edwards
Bass: Dub Judah, Black Steel and Mafia
Guitar: Kashta Tafari
Keyboards: Bubblers, Mafia and Black Steel
Synths: Omar Lye-Fook
Backing Vocals: Shniece McMenamin
Sax: Megumi
Special guest appearences: Omar Lye-Fook. Shniece McMenamin, Fatlip (The Pharcyde), Nina Miranda (Smoke City), Earl 16, Horseman and Tippa Irie

Recorded at Fishmarket Studios (London – UK) and The Ironworks Studio (Brighton – UK)

Vocals recorded at Estúdio Locomotiva (Belo Horizonte – Brazil) and Jungle Lord (São Paulo – Brasil)

Mixing: Prince Fatty at The Ironworks Studio (Brighton – UK) e Evergreen HQ (Londres – UK)

Mastering: Frank at The Carvery Cuts (London – UK)

Produçed by: Prince Fatty e Monkey Jhayam

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