Vinyl Land Records is a music label specialized in releasing new brazilian music exclusively on vinyl. It was founded in 2008 by Dj Luiz Valente, who after years of promoting club nights dedicated exclusively to the acetate culture in his home country of Brazil, decided it was time to make the records he couldn’t buy or play in his DJ sets.

In a country where vinyl records stopped being made commercially around 1995, it became increasingly frustrating for djs, collectors and audiophiles to listen and buy their favorite bands.

From then on we saw the rise of a new generation of brazilian musicians and artists who transformed and continue to reinvent our already broad musical heritage, creating hundreds of new classics that have never been released on vinyl.

Based between in Belo Horizonte, the label was created to fill in a small part of this gap and showcase exciting new acts and old favorites by putting out limited edition Singles, EPs and LPs and also distributing and selling releases from other labels in the same genre from all over the globe.