Tulipa – Efêmera

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In a country renowned as fertile ground for female singers Tulipa Ruiz stands out. She caught the global limelight in 2009 with her beautiful voice and unique singing style. She is perhaps the most exciting female voice to have emerged from Brazil in recent years. She reveals her musical soul: naked and bold and she has been praised for her “exquisite melodies” (The Daily Telegraph).

“Efêmera” is her debut album, recorded in the YB Music Studios in São Paulo, produced by her brother Gustavo Ruiz. It includes participations from many great musicians of her generation, including members of the Orquestra Imperial (Kassim and Stephane San Juan), Donatinho (son of the legendary Joao Donato), plus singers Céu, Thalma de Freitas, Anelise Assumpção, Tiê, Mariana Aydar and more.

Comprising of 11 songs (10 being her own compositions) the album was released to great reviews and a sell-out tour. She ended the year with Best Record and Best Song of the Year knods by Rolling Stone Magazine Brazil, and began 2011 with The Guardian describing her as the “most promising Brazilian singer”.

After much anticipation, the album gets its first ever release in LP, packed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and limited to 500 copies worldwide .